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Who needs Netflix, when you can cocktail and chill!

The purveyors of fine drinks will be delighted to learn that our beverage list has expanded to include craft beers, premium cocktail mixes and iconic Minchinbury bubblies.

If you’re looking at shaking up your brunch and high tea experiences, these drinks are the perfect place to start from.

Espresso Martini

For those who just can’t choose between coffee and booze

A Luxe Brew creation, this espresso martini blends a cold brew made from 48-hours roasted Arabica coffee mixed with their in-house “Sacred Grounds” coffee liqueur and “North Star” vodka and a smidge of dark chocolate. A robust and delightful creation that will have you energised in no time.

115ml – 8.6% ABV



A perfectly balanced drinking experience

Taking inspiration from the original Florentine aperitif, the Mixology Company crafted an outstanding blend of Melbourne Craft Gin, Bitter Orange, and Vermouth for a rich and aromatic mouthfeel. Stir, don’t shake, and enjoy over ice with a garnish of orange peel.

200ml – 17.5% ABV


Margarita On The Rocks

The kind of drink you can’t have just one of

The folks at Lexington Hill know what a good cocktail tastes like and it shows! A glorious mix of Blue Agave tequila blanco, continental Triple Sec, and lime syrup for a crisp and clean feeling. Rim a tumbler with salt, add some ice and a lime wedge, and serve this perfect drink.

300ml – 10% ABV


Rose Spritz

The flavour of summer

This is the drink you’re going to want to pick up for your next picnic as it’s perfect as is, no need for bells and whistles. This sparkling rose is bubbly, crisp, and fruity like a summer night, just keep chilled until ready to enjoy.

330ml – 8.5% ABV


2 Brothers Craft beers

4 must-try thirst quenchers

Hand crafted in a tucked away brewery in Moorabbin, these beers are the brainchild of two brothers who are on a quest to brew the best beers in Australia. Their Pay Day and Kung Foo beers have scored some international awards, making us Aussies proud. Pick up one (or two) this weekend, sit back and enjoy icy cold.



Minchinbury wines

It’s time to celebrate!

One of the finest wine producers in Australia, Minchinbury wines not only offer unbeatable quality and flavour but a rich heritage of wine makers sailing all the way from Ireland. So if it is a special occasion that you’re celebrating, this is the bottle you’ll want to pop!

Classic Brut – 11.5% ABV

Rose Cuvee – 11.5% ABV


All drinks are available for pick up or takeaway in accordance to the latest covid-19 regulations.

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  • Jane Van Beek says:

    Do you have any dinner deliveries available for 19th Oct 2021?

    • thehatterandthehare says:

      Are you after a set dinner? Our Dinner Journeys are available only on Fridays for pick-up and delivery and there’s a new menu each week which we announce over the weekend. For next week, we’re doing a Mexican-themed dinner which will be available for pick-up/delivery on October 22nd. We publish the menu for next week’s dinner set on Sunday, the 17th. If you’re just after dinner meals you can reheat, you can check out our Wondermeals options. https://www.hhcafe.shop/wondermeals

      Hope that helps!

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