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Step into our newest Garden of Flowers display

Become immersed in a magical garden as soon as you step into the cafe with every corner adorned with Flowers from Wonderland, casting a spell of delight upon all who venture within. As you indulge in the delightful dishes on our menu, take a moment to appreciate the decor and characters placed throughout the cafe.

Create memories with family and friends as you explore each of the different dining areas and indulge in the delicious menu. Keep reading to find out what’s waiting for you on your next visit to THATH for a truly magical experience.

Your adventure begins here

Step through our entrance, and you’ll discover a vibrant green backdrop and a tree draped in red roses and blooms. This wall is the perfect place to take photos in front of and capture your visit. Within this lively setting, pink flamingos and charming mushrooms play their part in the magical atmosphere.

Allow your eyes to be captivated by the mesmerising garlands suspended above delectable treats that are simply irresistible. Follow our incredible staff as they guide you further into the cafe, revealing hidden decorations and tempting delights around every corner.

Mad Tea Party

From the entrance, turn left, and you’ll find your favourite Alice in Wonderland characters surrounded by a sea of flowers. The perfect opportunity awaits. Just take a seat on the bench and snap lots of photos to capture your visit.

Another rose tree stands beside the display, adorned with whimsical picture frames. Which is your favourite character that you can spot in this corner?

Don’t miss the shelf adorned with oversized flowers, showcasing all kinds of teapots and plates. Additionally, two rotating turntables exhibit the eccentric collection of the Mad Hatter’s hats that you can admire whilst enjoying one of our delectable dishes.

The Queen’s Croquet Ground

Head to our main dining area where the Queen’s Guards welcome you to your seats surrounded by flowers on the walls and from the ceiling. Keep an eye out for the Cheshire Cat, sporting his cheeky grin!

Find the Queen of Hearts and her guard next to a shelf of roses and ornaments. Bright chandeliers and garlands hang from the ceiling that add pops of colour to your dining experience. Spot the mystical faces within the flowers, where every petal seems to hide a mischievous secret.

Flamingos, Flamingos, Flamingos

Lastly, and certainly not least, walk into the Queen’s Court where a display of flamingos are ready to play croquet. Look up and admire captivating red umbrellas hanging from the ceiling, adding an extra touch of charm to your dining experience.

Challenge yourself and try to spot all the flamingos in this space – our team went all out and used Neon lights, custom wooden sculptures and cushions. Did you notice them all?

There's definitely a lot to see in the Garden of Live Flowers at THATH! Head into the cafe before November 18th. Don't miss out on a delicious brunch surrounded by our enchanting display. Book your table now to experience the magic that we have created and savour the delicious flavours of our menu!

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