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With Spring comes a feeling of freshness and the lushness of eye-catching colours. During this season, our pastry team is showcasing the best of the Spring flavours. It’s all about Lemons, Limes, Oranges and Strawberries. It’s all about the different shades of Yellow, Orange, Red and Green!

From our new Classic Layered Cake range, we have Strawberries & Cream. It’s an 8-inch, 4-layered beauty of alternating Strawberry Cake and Vanilla Buttercake filled and covered with Strawberry Buttercream and topped with Fresh Strawberries and Freeze-Dried Strawberries.

We’ve also got Spring Fantasy from our Petit Gateaux range. It’s a special creation of strawberry mousse, apple compote, mint cremeux, mint sponge and shortbread.

A new addition to our vegan range is a Vegan Lemon cake. It’s a sure hit for both our vegan and non-vegan patrons!

Other items in the Spring Collection are the Orange Tea Cake, Carrot Cupcake, Macarons and Baby Meringues.

Next time you’re at the Hatter & the Hare, treat yourself to one of these refreshing desserts. Do check out the rest of our Spring Menu as well and decide on a new favourite of yours to last the season! You can read the menus here.

Photos by Gareth Sobey, Styled by Melinda King

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