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The lucky ones who have visited Paris will know that everything about the city is magical: the architecture, the culture, and the incredible food scene. Francis I, king of France during the Renaissance, went as far as to say that “Paris is not a city; it’s a world.”

With all that in mind, we stepped up to the task and set out to recreate a little slice of Paris at our Bayswater venue. All we can say is the installation blew all our expectations with its charming beauty!

The pastel palette features tones of mint, baby pink, and lilac, with splashes of greenery here and there for a luscious Gardens of Versailles-like look.

There are many outstanding features we’d like to draw your eyes on, like our dreamy replica of a patisserie, complete with cakes, ice cream, and macarons. The myriads of blooms and shimmering chandeliers complete the impressive façade. Whilst the decorations may be just for show, you can get your fill of French treats right from our counter: we have macarons, meringues and Tour Eiffel-themed cupcakes!

Speaking of Tour Eiffel, you bet we made sure to install one, and what a sight it is! Nestled in our Queen’s Court is the glittery tower along with a hand-made Paris sign. Don’t miss the opportunity for a lovely photo souvenir. Step right next to it and go chees…ehm, fromage!

Our ceilings are covered with floral arrangements and vintage umbrellas in various shades of pink, black, and white. As you can see, we leave nothing to the case and make sure every inch of our café brings joy to the eyes.

Please tag any photo or video of the installation by using the hashtag #thathparis, we’d love to see our Paris through your eyes!

Images by Erin Mallinder (@elmsocial)

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