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Witness our Candy Christmas Wonderland!

Immerse yourself and the whole family into a multi-sensory experience in our Wonderland this Christmas time! Our events team have outdone themselves again as they bring you a Candy Christmas Wonderland display showcasing:

  • Fully decorated Christmas trees featuring your favourite Christmas treats
  • A life-sized Gingerbread House that the little ones, and those young at heart can check inside out
  • A mechanical Lolly display at the entry way that would mesmerise anyone who’s heading their way into our venue

It’s quite full on and be ready to be wowed at every corner of the café when you visit us on the months of December and January. Don’t miss out!

And to witness the display in all it’s glory, come join us on one of our Twilight Open Houses on the 16th, 18th, 20th or 21st of December.

Our Candy Wonderland display was made possible with the generous help from the following:

  • Wynn Joinery
  • Ballener Worx & Creations
  • Floral Interios
  • Christmas Elves
  • My Christmas

A lot of effort went in to getting our display up and looking fabulous as it is today. Special mention to our Styling Team who lent their hands, legs, muscles and their logistical senses without which, this setup would’ve been a lot more challenging to make possible!

Images by Mind Society Studios

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