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If you haven’t visited the café in the last couple of weeks, there’s a lot of wonderful surprises waiting for you to be seen! This year, we have upped the ante and added a few more to our Holiday Season decorations.

The Giant Gingerbread house is back, and is part of the Christmas Village scenario we have set up next to the pastry kitchen. You won’t just see one fully decorated tree this year – we have a total of SEVEN Christmas trees spread out in the whole venue. Even the wash area in front of the toilets has got one!

The windows by the café entrance are both bedecked with displays that you can admire before you enter the venue. All of these with a nicely wrapped giant red ribbon and finished with an equally big bow! Heaps of photo opportunity for kids and adults alike!

And the cherry on the top is the “snow” that will be on at regular intervals as we draw near to Christmas Day! The kids will absolutely love chasing after the “snowflakes”.

So if you and your family are heading out this way, drop by, take some photos, and bring home some treats and Christmas cheer with you!

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