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Hop into THATH for an Enchanting Easter!

The highly loved Easter season is upon us, and whether you’re celebrating the long weekend, Easter, or School Holidays, there is guaranteed delight to be had visiting The Hatter & The Hare! Our vibrant Easter Bunnies and Easter Egg decorations will brighten the occasion and create a warming dining experience everyone will enjoy. You’ll be wanting to stay in our magnificent venue all day to take in the atmosphere as you feast on our new Autumn Menu and this season’s newest desserts! The wonder doesn’t end here, take a closer at our beautiful Easter treats below!

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Easter Treats & Chocolate Eats!

This Easter we have prepared a truly novel range of baked merchandise treats to suit any form of celebration, whether you’re hosting a small get together or a greater gathering with many guests! This season’s Merchandise goodies include both classic staples we know you all love, and also redecorated treats that will excite you with their new designs! The popping colours of yellow, pink, orange and purple featured in these joyous Easter treats make them fantastic to add to any dessert platter, decorate an Easter cake with, gift to dear ones or conveniently bring along to any event.

Created by our imaginative and highly specialised Pastry Team, you’ll notice intricate details of metallic gold flecks, colourful sprinkles, daisies and silver cachous within various products, and a touch of Wonderland in every bite of our Easter Merchandise. And if you’re craving something even more spectacular, we have also prepared the perfect assortment of baked treats in our Easter Hamper, a simply marvellous gift or treat to share amongst friends, family and those worthy of such an indulgent delight!

From gorgeous Baby Meringues, fudgy Chocolate Brownie Pieces and elegant Macarons, to Easter themed Cupcakes, Glazed Donuts, Tweedle Wheels and so much more, there is something for everyone in our Easter Merchandise this season!

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Elegant Easter Boxed Sets!

Looking for an elegant dessert solution to help celebrate and impress your guests this Easter? We have you covered with our wonderful Easter Boxed Sets. These magnificent boxes of goodies feature various selections of our delectable sweet masterpieces, offering a magical touch of THATH to your event! Our range of Easter Boxed Sets are:

  • Box of Signature Character Cakes
  • Box of Assorted Petit Gateaux
  • Box of Glazed Donuts
  • Box of Cupcakes
  • Box of Pastries
  • Box of Vanilla Slices
  • Box of Vegan Desserts
  • Easter Hamper

They’re oh-so-tempting aren’t they?! Pre-order your Easter Boxed Sets by March 29th, for pick-up on April 1st.

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We can't wait to serve you up a treat this Easter! Remember to take up a photo opportunity in while you're at THATH and capture some festive snaps with your Easter treats! Tag us in your Facebook and Instagram posts using @thehatterandthehare.au and #EasterWonderland.
We'll see you in Wonderland!

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