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Breeze into Wonderland for a taste of our New Autumn Menu!

There is something charming about Autumn that calls for frequent brunch outings and indulgence in sweet treats, that is made even more special at The Hatter & The Hare! Whether you’re visiting our tropical oasis to escape the breezy weather or are stopping by to collect some take-away meals for a lovely picnic in the park, you’ll be oh-so-delighted to taste our new Autumn Menu! Our highly innovative and specialised team have prepared for you a very Autumnal selection of dishes using the finest seasonal produce and flavours, presented so elegantly for your sheer indulgence!

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Fresh, fragrant new flavours

Divine Autumn flavours and themes are presented so deliciously within our new menu, whether you’re visiting for a scrumptious brekky, brunch, lunch, or a fancy beverage! This season’s All-day Brunch Menu features bursts of fresh citrus flavours including orange-blossom, lemon myrtle, lemon and lime. You will also experience superb savoury flavours of pulled pork, seafood and spicy lamb sausage. Not to mention some super tasty, sweet and spicy flavour combinations that will have your tastebuds bursting with pleasure! So, whether you like something sweet, spicy, fresh, or fragrant, there are many wonderful flavour sensations to be had within these new dishes.

Try the March hare Bread, Caterpillar’s Riddle, White King’s Toastie, Mad Hatter’s Breakfast, King’s Roll, Chase the White Rabbit or the Jabberwocky’s Tale for a hit of these flavours!

Re-created, fancy favourites

You’re probably more curious than our Curiouser & Curiouser Avo about what the re-creations of your classic favourite dishes will be! Well don’t fret, the classic favourites including our Tweedle Burgers, Mad Hatter’s Breakfast, Benedictine Adventure, Knave of Hearts’ Treat and others, have been promisingly jazzed up whilst retaining their main themes. You can have a read of our new menu in its glorious detail HERE.

Your new vegan, gluten-free and vegetarian faves

Amongst our new Autumn menu items, our vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options are made ever so enticing with their fresh new flavours and textures. A Dormouse’s Dream (vegetarian), Dinah Gets a Treat (vegan + GF), March Hare Bread (vegetarian), Caterpillar’s Riddle (vegan + GF) and Off With Their Heads (vegan) are just a few of these delightful dishes offering a fresh Autumn twist to the previous versions we adored. Many of our other menu items are also available with gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian options as well, so you can still experience the hype of other masterpieces, too!

Sip away on our new Autumn Drinks

It wouldn’t be an Autumn feast without a satisfying beverage to slurp away on! To complement our divine Autumn meals, our new menu also features new flavours of our Luxe Milkshakes, Smoothies (vegan) and Freshly Squeezed Juices. In addition to our Iced Tea, House Made Lemonade and regular chilled and hot drinks, you’ll find the perfect drink from this range to indulge in this season! Read our Drinks Menu HERE.

Comprising such fresh, elegant flavour combinations, our new Autumn menu assures great delight for all appetites! Visit The Hatter & The Hare for a divine dining experience this season!

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