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Say hello to 2021 with our spectacular new Summer Menu!

This Summer is bound to be a special one with many of us eager to take every opportunity to venture out of the house and enjoy the beautiful sunshine with friends and family! So, to make this season even more splendid, we have been busy perfecting a very fragrant and fresh Summer Menu for you to enjoy over the next few months! What is collectively a stunningly vibrant menu, our summer dishes are produced with the finest seasonal produce, featuring summer flavours that are bound to have your tastebuds bursting with satisfaction and indulgence!

Summertime flavours

Whether you’re visiting The Hatter & The Hare for a scrumptious brekky, brunch or lunch, or craving a decadent dessert and divine drink, our Summer Menu contains a variety of flavours and elements that are sure to help make your summer a special one! The new menu features themes including seafood, tropical summer fruits, and aromatic fresh herbs, deemed a perfectly light selection for the summer. Popular components appearing throughout numerous dishes of the new menu include our very own maple-cured salmon, chorizo ragu, summer sorbets, bourbon-compressed peaches, truffle hollandaise and pear chutney!

Your favourite dishes in their new form

You’re probably wondering about those classic menu favourites you love so much, like our Tweedle Burgers, Mad Hatter’s Breakfast, Knave of Heart’s Treat and a few more! Well don’t fret, we have given these a promising glow-up whilst retaining the main themes of these dishes. You can have a read of our new menu in its glorious detail HERE.

A vegan, gluten-free and vegetarian summer

Amongst our new summer menu items, our vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options stand greater than ever before, modified with some of these delightful summer flavours. A Dormouse’s Dream (vegan + GFO), Dinah Gets a Treat (vegan + GF), March hare Bread (vegetarian), and Alice in Summer (vegan) are just a few of these beautiful options offering a fresh summer spin on the spring versions we all loved so much! Additionally, many dishes are available with gluten-free and vegetarian options, including our renowned Curiouser & Curiouser Avo and Mad Hatter’s Breakfast!

Handle the heat with our Summer Drinks

To accompany our wonderful summer meals, our new menu also features a series of chilled summer drinks for you to sip away on during the warmer weather. In addition to our Iced Tea, House Made lemonade, and regular chilled drinks, we have introduced fresh flavours of our wonderful Luxe Milkshakes, Freshly Squeezed Fruit Juices and Smoothies, and have also reintroduced the Affogato!

Reflective of the wonderful fragrance, vibrance and flavours that make summer so wonderful, this menu is sure to give you something to look forward to and look back on with great fondness! Visit The Hatter & The Hare this season for a super splendid Summer!

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