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It’s springtime and we’re here for it!

With the change in season comes a welcome overhaul of our brunch menu, and we couldn’t get over the mouthwatering flavours you’ll find there. Incorporating a lot of elements you’ll find in Mexican, Korean, Japanese, and Mediterranean cuisine, each brunch visit you make over the Spring and Summer will be a joyful discovery of all the dishes we have on offer.

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The classic brunch dishes get reimagined once again and you’ll love Head Chef Dale’s take for each one of them this season.

The brekky sausage roll is given new life with the King’s Roll – a quick yet royally satisfying meal for the people who are always on-the-go.

If eggs are a  staple in your diet, you’ll want to dig into a satisfying chilli scramble with a Mexican twist with our Chase the White Rabbit. The Benedictine Adventure takes you on a gastronomic journey as it takes the humble eggs benedict to new heights with a dash of Korean inspiration.

Then come the big meals made especially for those with huge appetites. You get every cent’s worth with the Mad Hatter’s Breakfast. If you really want it all, the Celebration Dance breakfast platter gives you a good sampling of all the notable elements found in our menu.

We’re excited to introduce new entrants to our Spring-Summer menu. These dishes will be the talk of the town all-season long!

The Knight’s Quest gives a breath of fresh air to a traditional Japanese folded omelette with the addition of a Katsu Chicken Schnitzel.

If you love eating with your hands, the Duchess’ Feast gives you that opportunity with two taco pieces each cradling a perfectly-cooked slice of Pork Belly.

The Caucus Race provides a light lunch option with Tom Yum noodles topped with grilled calamari cooked so precisely it all just melts in your mouth.

When you’re craving for something out-of-the-ordinary, the Red Queen’s Song is made just for this occasion. You’ll be impressed with a mouthwatering Duck Confit paired with Chicken Liver Parfait and a Fennel Salad that all goes well together.

It’s never complete without our sweet options, and this season’s selection ticks all the boxes.

Starting with the March Hare Bread – filled with a combination of flavours that all just works together – you will not get enough of the Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting and the Apple & Carrot cake.

The fruity ensemble you’ll find in Dinah Gets a Treat will wow you as you devour every spoonful of it. Plus, it’s vegan and low gluten too.

We’ve got an enchanting panna cotta number in the Dormouse’s Dream. Of course, our french toast transcends all imagination. The Knave of Heart’s Treat will win a lot of hearts with the combination of Chai Custard, Biscoff Ice Cream and White Chocolate Gel. It’s all just so decadently exquisite!

We celebrate the humble veggies with these noteworthy dishes for the Spring and Summer seasons.

Off With Their Heads features corn & chilli fritters with notes of Mexican flavours that will give you thrills with every mouthful.

For a lunch option, you can’t go past a good gnocchi dish, and the Mock Turtle Bowl is as tasty as it can get. Polenta Gnocchi nestled on a lovely carrot, pumpkin & miso purée is all you’ll need for a pick-me-up meal especially on a rainy spring day.

The avo toast makes a comeback to our Spring-Summer menu and you’ll love the native Aussie flavours you’ll find in the Curiouser & Curiouser Avo. This stacked dish can also be easily made vegetarian, vegan and/or gluten-free

The sandwiches share the limelight this season as they get their own transformation.

The Tweedledee Chicken burger is quite a handful with a generous-sized Chicken Thigh Schnitzel that comes with a punch thanks to the Honey Sriracha Glaze.

If you love a challenge, the Tweedledum burger gives you just that. A towering stack of Beef Brisket Patty, Pork Belly and all the fixings would impress any burger lover.

Then there’s the White King’s Sammie – a stand out chicken, bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich dressed up with gourmet flare.

Our original THATH Fries is served with each of these dishes and provides that welcome break in-between bites of your mains.

Bring the little ones along and build a core memory over a flavourful meal! They get their own selection of dishes perfectly-sized to fit their smaller appetites.

They will enjoy their meals even if it’s as simple as the good ol’ Eggs & Bacon on Toast or something more elaborate like the French Toast.

The little veggie lovers will love the Fritters. If the kids are extra hangry, they’ve also got a choice between a Chicken Burger and a Beef Burger that both come served with fries.

Pair their meals with a Babycino or one of our milkshakes for a special brunch experience they’ll remember for a long time.

Dine with us this spring and work your way through our mouthwatering menu.
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Images by Carmen Zammit @carmenzammit (instagram)

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