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The highly anticipated menu has finally landed at THATH and we’re proud to present you with a range of dishes that will keep you warm all winter. Chef Dale Da Costa and his team served up all the winter favourites you could dream of, filled with the tastes you love!

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Our winter menu includes 18 new dishes, with a lovely variety of sweet and savoury options. Warm the belly with comfort food classics like the Humpty Dumpty and The King’s Men, a pork belly and baked beans-based dish; or the Benedictine Adventure which pairs slow-cooked lamb shoulder with poached eggs and hummus.

Those who love mushrooms will enjoy the King’s Roll, Catterpillar’s Riddle and Mad Hatter’s Breakfast as they all feature one of the most favourite winter ingredients. Hearty and deeply flavoured these are the dishes that are bound to be a hit.

King’s Roll is the burger of choice for breakfast on the go, whilst you may want to slow down for the Catterpillar’s Riddle to savour every bite of this complex dish. As for the Mad Hatter’s Breakfast, this is how every Sunday brunch should look like!

Of course, you can always count on a big plate of scrambled eggs and Chase The White Rabbit will surely turn up the temperatures this season. Peri Peri chicken, hot sauce and fermented chilli aioli are our sure-fire way to beat the chill.

If you’re not one for spicy dishes, you can still dream of warmer destinations with our Spanish inspired Jabberwocky’s Tale: chorizo, patatas bravas and romesco are set to become a favourite for the season.

Get ready to drool with our sweet offerings, picking from waffles, French toast, banana bread or brownies. It’s a tough choice for sure!

The Dormouse’s Dream brings out the flavours of winter with its cinnamon roll waffle, spiced apple ice cream, rhubarb and candied pecans.

The Knave Of Heart’s Treat is for those who enjoy the finer things in life with its French toast soaked in rosé crème anglaise topped with the prettiest white chocolate and sour cherry parfait you’ll ever see.

Dinah Gets A Treat is truly the cosiest dish you’ll find on the menu, with a brownie so rich and delicious you won’t even notice it’s vegan!

Those who want a smaller bite but still crave indulgence will thoroughly enjoy our honeycomb and raspberry take on banana bread with the March Hare Bread.

Give in to the burger cravings with our Tweedledee and Tweedledum, these updated favourites never cease to impress and delight. Tweedledee is not your regular chicken burger, it’s a perfect execution of Korean fusion, with its sticky gochujang, kimchi and nashi pear beautifully complementing the crispy deep-fried chicken and pillow soft brioche bun.

Tweedledum is a towering creation that will impress any burger fanatic: the double beef brisket patties and oozing liquid cheese will make your mouth water the moment you set your eyes on them. Plus the chippies they come with are to die for!

Up your toastie game with the White King’s Toastie: mortadella, cheese and onion jam are the best combo you can think of. A true winter warmer that makes for a great lunch on the go, too.

We put a theatrical spin to the classic Sunday roast with our Duchess’ Feast: the pressed beef cheek cooked to perfection is complemented by slow-roasted winter veggies and celeriac pureé.

Looking for healthy winter dishes? Look no further than Off With Their Heads, Mock Turtle and Queen’s Messenger.

Get your fill of veggies with Off With Their Heads, our fritters are a smash hit season after season and best of all, they’re completely vegan and gluten-free!

Reminiscent of ratatouille, the Mock Turtle is also a vegan dish that tastes like a hug on a plate. It’s warm, hearty and so good for you.

The Queen’s Messenger is an ode to Japanese flavours with miso-poached monkfish and a chilli ponzu glaze topped with a variety of Asian condiments.

Those visiting with their little ones will be happy to know that we have a menu made specifically for kids, and it’s far from boring!

In fact, it features very similar items to the ones served to adults like Chicken Burger, Beef Burger, French Toast, and Fritter.

This way, they won’t feel like they’re missing out whilst the portion size is scaled down to suit smaller appetites.

Gracing our menu are also two exciting drinks that are as cosy as it gets when it comes to winter warmers.

The Einspänner is a Viennese-inspired coffee that features a long black as a base and thick and silky whipped cream as a topping.

We’ve also upped our hot chocolate game with our Frosted Hot Choccy. It’s a dreamy creation that can be made with your choice of 50% or 70% cacao and garnished with whipped cream and mini marshmallows. If that wasn’t enough to entice you, it’s served with an in-house baked brownie.

Let’s drink to that!

Come try the new menu yourself and tell us what you think of it! Book a table via the link below.
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Images by Erin Mallinder @elmsocial

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