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Dine like Royalty this season with our NEW Winter Menu!

As winter settles in and the mornings become more brisk, the cafe is warming up with our new Winter menu. Our incredibly talented team have put together colourful dishes to make this season a little less dull. Getting out of bed is a bit easier with our new brunch and indulgent cake options to delight your senses and curb any signs of being hangry.

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Fun, aromatic new flavours

Divine Winter flavours and themes are presented so delectably within our new menu. Whether you’re visiting for a scrumptious breaky, brunch, lunch, or a fancy beverage! This season’s all-day brunch menu features pops of divine flavours including rose, coconut, grapefruit and raspberry. You will also experience scrumptious savoury flavours of katsu chicken, seafood and cheese kransky. Not to mention some super delicious, sweet and spicy flavour combinations that will excite your palette! So, whether you like something sweet, spicy, fresh, or fragrant, there are many wonderful flavour combinations to be had within these new seasonal dishes.

Try this Winter’s March hare Bread, Dinah Gets a Treat, White King’s Toastie, Queen of Heart’s Tart, Duchess’ Feast, Tweedledee or the Jabberwocky’s Tale to be treated to these flavours!

New twists on old favourites

We’ve given a classic THATH take on your all time favourites and we know you’re going to fall in love with a new dish all over again. No need to worry, the classic dishes including our Tweedle Burgers, Mad Hatter’s Breakfast, Benedictine Adventure, Knave of Hearts’ Treat and other gems, have been promisingly recreated with homage to their original flavours. Dive into this Winter’s menu in its marvellous detail HERE.

Flavoursome new Veg, Vegan & Gluten Free dishes

Our plant based options feature delicious locally sourced produce with notes of coconut, mandarin & lemon giving you fresh, flavourful and filling dishes all season long. Get your sweet escape with Dinah Gets a Treat; a beautiful coconut and mandarin tapioca pudding featuring kiwi sorbet and brûléed grapefruit. Every bite of this is as luxurious as it sounds.

A Dormouse’s Dream (vegetarian), March Hare Bread (vegetarian), Queen of Heart’s Tart (vegetarian) and Off With Their Heads (vegan + GFO) are just a few of these delightful dishes putting a Wintery spin on the previous versions you adored. Many of our other menu items are also available with gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian options as well, so you can still experience the excitement of other masterpieces, too!

Warm up this season with our Winter Drinks

It wouldn’t be winter without a hot drink in hand, and the perfect day starts with the perfect drink so we’ve curated a seasonal beverage menu to warm your belly and start your day right. To complement our delicious Winter dishes, sip on one of our Luxe Milkshakes, Smoothies (vegan), and Freshly Squeezed Juices. You’ll find a delicious drink from this range to indulge in this season! Read our Drinks Menu HERE.

Good times happen at THAHT this season with our new Winter menu. With complex flavours that elevate each dish, you’re sure to find a new favourite. Your table awaits you, so come dine at The Hatter and The Hare this Winter.
View our full menu!

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  • Tracy says:

    Visited for the first time today. Food was divine. Slight mix up with my coffee which meant food arrived before coffee arrived, but quality and taste and presentation of food outweighed not having my caffeine earlier in the meal. Great local place with incredible presentation and flavours. Will definitely go back. Enquired about a private booking, but after 15 minutes, manager never arrived to discuss things.

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