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One of the biggest folk festivals in the world, the Oktoberfest attracts 6 million visitors every year, with everyone keen to have a good time and a good dose of German made beer.

The original event was first held in Munich in 1810 and holds an unbeaten record of most beer drunk at a festival amounting to 12,000 hectolitres (more than one milllion litres) since 1910.

To revive the spirit of the festival, this week we are bringing to you an array of Bavarian delicacies that go hand in hand with a cold brew, like pretzel and frankfurts. Check out the delicious menu below!


– Pretzels

– Sauerkraut & Kaiserfliesch Mash

– Sausage Platter with Mushroom Gravy (Pork Sausage, Chorizo, Beef Sausage, Frankfurters & Cheese Kransky)

– Apfelstrudel with Custard


Set for 2 people: $100
Set for 4 people: $160


Bookmark the page of our online shop and that your alarms have been set. Pre-orders open on Tuesday, October 12th from 2pm onwards.


All our Dinner Journey Sets can be picked up or delivered on Friday, October, 15th between 11am and 3pm.

With the recent restrictions set in place, if you’re more than 15km away from the café, please opt to get delivery instead and avoid unnecessarily making a trip to the café. Delivery service is available for all post codes within a 25-km driving distance from the café with corresponding delivery fees applied. Take note that our team will endeavour to bring your sets to your homes as quickly as they can, but be aware that delays may be unavoidable.

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