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Foodies be warned: our new menu will have you slurping all season!

Our Spring & Summer menu is out and trust us when we say this is our best line up ever! We’ve created 22 new exciting menu items that will have you come back over and over until you’ve tried them all.

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Our Head Chef Dale created a diverse and intriguing menu with elements borrowed from an array of international cuisines, whilst giving each dish its own The Hatter & The Hare twist.

The Chase The White Rabbit turns up the temperature with its scrambled eggs on toast covered in manchego cheese, hot sauce, spicy shredded chicken, and charred corn in a tribute to the best Mexican ingredients.

The Benedictine Adventure makes an eggs benedict look (and taste!) like a fine dining experience in a Japanese restaurant: there’s citrus cured kingfish, potato and horseradish rosti, and miso hollandaise. Best of all, it’s topped off with black caviar!

The Caterpillar’s Riddle nods to the Chinese tradition with its hand made dumplings filled with hoisin duck and shitake mushrooms and a flavoursome broth served out of a teapot.

You’ll certainly feast like royalty with the King’s Roll, indulging in some southern Italian delicacies like ‘nduja salami spread, thick passata, and the most unique basil & parmesan aioli.

The Curiouser and Curiouser Avo is inspired by Greek mezze platter, so expect each bite to be bursting with flavour, whether it be from the pickled octopus, the whipped feta, or the sundried tomato & pesto.


Chef Dale’s love for fresh ingredients shines through in every dish with each plate styled with blooms, micro greens and impeccable colour palettes in true The Hatter & The Hare style. Get your phones ready because these meals are totally photo worthy!

A Dormouse’s Dream has so much to look at, one doesn’t know where to start! There are boba pearls, mango jelly, house made granola, and seasonal juicy berries.

Happy Unbirthday To Me! gets the eye immediately caught by the blue heaven hokey pokey ice cream, and there is so much more to see: birthday cakes waffles, crystalised white chocolate, pashmak, and a maraschino cherry.

We can all agree that eggplants are not a pretty vegetable. But in the Mock Turtle Bowl, it becomes the star of the show thanks to the shiny peanut butter and miso glaze and tasty toppings like shichimi togarashi, nori strips, and the edamame avocado puree.

Very few things are as good as homemade gnocchi and the Caucus Race brings you the softest, melt-in-mouth ricotta gnocchi you’ll ever have. Plus, they come paired with an impressive symphony of flavours, from the parsnip & pear puree to the green pea tapenade, to the sharp blue cheese.

The Jabberwocky’s Tale is everything you want from a curry – flavoursome, comforting, and with pockets of fresh flavours like the cabbage & green bean slaw and fresh chillies.


If hearty dishes are more your thing, we’ve got you boo!

The Knave of Heart’s Treat is a one-of-a-kind savoury French Toast: melty fondue filling, charred leeks, truffle pecorino, and a delicate endive and herbs salad with champagne vinaigrette to cut through the richness.

Sometimes all you need is a big fry up breakfast and that’s exactly what you’ll get with the Mad Hatter’s Breakfast: sourdough toast, loukaniko sausage, grilled saganaki, roasted tomato, confit mushrooms, eggs and hashbrown. If that’s not enough, you can add avo, bacon, and plenty more!

Short rib at a cafe? Oh yes, and it’s an exquisitely executed one. The Duchess’ Feast features an incredible mouth watering red-wine braised beef short rib for a luxurious meal at any time of the day.

An extra indulgent sandwich, but make it fancy! The White King’s Toastie is the perfect hangover cure: beef brisket, provolone, and Swiss cheese, onions, peppers, mustard, and pickles.

Tweedledee and Tweedledum are hands down the best burgers you’ll have. Are you team chicken or beef?


As always we are mindful of our customers’ dietary requirements and you can rest assured that most of our dishes can be accommodated to be made vegan, vegetarian, or gluten free so you don’t have to miss out on the fun. If you’re unsure of what to order, our friendly staff will be happy to assist you with your choice and cater to your needs.

We do have some vegan friendly options that require no changes and can be ordered as-is off the menu like Dinah Gets a Treat (hummingbird hotcakes) and Off With Their Heads (savoury beetroot and carrot fritters).

We’ve also brought back the kids menu, specifically created with smaller appetites in mind. There are waffles, fritters, chicken burger, and beef burger similar to the adult menu so the little ones won’t feel like they are missing out!

Good times happen at THATH this season with our new Spring-Summer menu. With complex flavours that elevate each dish, you’re sure to find a new favourite. Your table awaits you, so come dine at The Hatter and The Hare this season.
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