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We’re staying local and heading to the outback on this week’s Dinner Journey destination. Our Aussie-inspired menu features a lot of components that are proudly grounded in our history and culture. What’s more, if you buy a set this week, we will donate $10 from each purchase and match the overall total for the benefit of Food Bank Australia. This will make sure there are a few less hungry Australians during this most difficult time.


Rosemary & Macadamia Damper
with Vegemite-Whipped Butter

Sausage in Bread
Brioche Bread layered with Beef Sausage. Served with Caramelised Onion & Tomato Chutney

Kangaroo Meat Pie
Red Wine, Thyme & Mountain Pepper Berry with Carrots & Potatoes

Fairy Bread Ice Cream
Brioche-Flavoured Ice Cream with 100s & 1000s

Vanilla Slice


Set for 1: $35
Set for 2: $60
Set for 4: $90


Pre-orders open on Tuesday, August 18th from 6pm onwards. Bookmark the page on online shop and make sure your alarms have been set. Remember, by joining our Dinner Journey this week, you’re also contributing to a great cause to ease the hunger crisis in our local community.


All our Dinner Journey Sets can be picked up or delivered on Friday, August 21st between 11am and 3pm. With the recent Stage 4 restrictions set in place, if you’re more than 5km away from the café, please opt to get delivery instead and avoid unnecessarily making a trip to the café. Delivery service is available for all post codes within a 25-km driving distance from the café with corresponding delivery fees applied. Take note that our team will endeavour to bring your sets to your homes as quickly as they can, but be aware that delays may be unavoidable.

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