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We’re getting some fresh, Mediterranean flavours from this week’s Pizza offerings. With great ingredients topped on our signature sourdough base, each mouthful will be popping with flavours that not only taste good, but will also make you feel good.


Garden ($22) – Confit Garlic, Cream Cheese, Spinach, Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes, Mozzarella Cheese, Basil Oil (vegetarian)

Turkish Beef Lahmacun ($22) – Beef Mince with Capsicum & Spices, topped with Dukkah and Fresh Lemon Juice


Our square-shaped pizzas are 11 inches wide and can easily make 9 generous servings. Hot tip: before reheating, slice it up and store the pizza slices you won’t be able to eat on the day in the freezer. Then on hectics days, just pop one in the oven and enjoy it like it was freshly-made on the day!


Pre-orders will be available online from Wednesday, August 12th at 6pm.


Pizza deliveries and pick-ups are all set for Saturday, August 15th between 11am and 3pm. All our pizzas are made fresh on Saturdays and heating instructions will be provided so you can enjoy it as if you’ve made it yourself fresh from the oven!

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