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Mealtimes at home are going to look different with our Wondermeals Boxes! Each week, our team will handpick items from our Ready-Made Meals, Frozen Pies & Pastries, Soups and Bread to bring you two meals boxes that will help you with your meal planning. Each box can easily make at least 5 to 6 meals for 2 people, and the selection for each box gets refreshed every Monday.


Here are this week’s inclusions for each Wondermeals Box:

  • Butter Chicken 🌶
  • Chicken Korma 🌶
  • Beef Stroganoff
  • Tomato Soup (vegan)
  • Oat Porridge Sourdough (vegan)
  • Garlic Bread (vegetarian)
  • Frozen Steak & Cheese Pies (pack of 4)
  • Frozen Pizza (pack of 2)
  • Chocolate Pudding Family Pack (contains gelatine)
  • Cranberry Ripple Ice Cream (contains gelatine)
  • Chicken & Bean Enchiladas
  • Mushroom Mac & Cheese (vegetarian)
  • Lamb & Mushroom in Red Wine Sauce
  • Pumpkin Soup (vegan)
  • Rye Sourdough (vegan)
  • Frozen Ham & Cheese Croissants (pack of 4)
  • Frozen Steak & Mushroom Pies (pack of 4)
  • Sticky Date Pudding (contains gelatine)
  • Black Sesame Ice Cream(contains gelatine)

Bothe the Alice’s and Dinah’s Boxes come with a meal plan.


You can get any of the boxes for $95. Such a great price for almost a week’s worth of food!


Pre-orders open from Monday, November 2nd at 11am onwards via our online shop.


The Wondermeals Boxes can either be picked up or delivered on from Wednesday (November 4th) to Sunday (November 8th).

There are a limited number of boxes available each week, so act fast and don’t miss out on such a great deal.

Join the discussion 14 Comments

  • Kim says:

    Hi, is it possible to swap out a meal in the vegetarian wondermeal eg: swap Mac and cheese for another mousaka?

    • thehatterandthehare says:

      Hi Kim, due to the limited stock available, we are not able to swap out any of the meals included in the Wondermeals Boxed Sets. Cheers!

  • Jeanette Adderley says:

    Can they be made gluten free??

  • Emma says:

    We have 2 young children (who eat most things so not worried about that) just trying to determine if the serving sizes would possibly stretch to also feed them as well as hubby and I? Cheers

    • thehatterandthehare says:

      Hi Emma, each pack of meal included can feed 2 adults. I guess it depends how much you children can eat? Alternatively, you can get two different boxes OR add individual meals separately when you complete your shop.

  • Emma says:

    How far can you deliver? And how much to deliver? Thanks

    • thehatterandthehare says:

      We deliver up to 25km driving distance from the café. Delivery for residents within 5km driving distance is free. If you live further away, delivery charge can be anywhere between $5 and $25 depending on how far away your post code is from the café.

  • Kristina Latham says:

    Loved our wondermeals box! Couldn’t get the sauce on the sticky fig pudding to melt, no matter what we did, but otherwise fantastic!

    • thehatterandthehare says:

      Thank you Kristina! We’ll pass on your feedback about the Sticky Fig Pudding to our team for review. Cheers!

      • Felicity says:

        Yes, the sticky fig pudding was dry because the sauce just congealed on top when cook. I ended up having to throw it out, Everything’s else has been wonderful. I even got my parents onto ordering boxes. They loved the sticky date pudding, so I was disappointed that the sticky fig didn’t live up to expectations

      • thehatterandthehare says:

        Hi Felicity, that’s unfortunate that you weren’t able to enjoy the Sticky Fig Pudding. If you please send us an email at wonderland@hhcafe.com.au, we’re more than happy to replace the item for you.

  • Catherine says:

    I’ve been getting these delivered every week for about a month now. Honestly, it has been a life changer and I’m loving the food! Thank you for being so creative during these strange times, and making it easier for me to balance work and looking after my kid!

    • thehatterandthehare says:

      Thank you Catherine! That’s one of the reasons why we came up with the meal boxes. It’s great you’ve been enjoying them 🙂

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