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** in light of the lifting of lockdown restrictions across Melbourne we will no longer be offering the service, starting from Monday 18th of October**


Let THATH take you on a culinary adventure around the world with the return of the DINNER JOURNEYS!

We may still be in lockdown, but you can expect to travel the world with both your tastebuds and imagination through menus that celebrate the beauty of different cuisines and flavours around the globe.


Pre-orders: –

It’s time to take the party to the streets with our Mexican Fiesta Dinner Journey! With a great spread of flavourful and colourful food, it will be easy to imagine yourself standing in the middle of a pueblo during a lively night out filled with music, dancing and enjoying the company of the people you hold most dear.

What's on the menu?

Next destination will be announced on: Sunday 16th of October



Pre-orders: Tuesday, October 12th
Pick-up/Delivery: Friday, October 15th

We can’t give you the brass band music, chicken dances and costume parades but we can bring you a seriously good Bavarian meal (think pretzels and sausages) and a few cans of amber fluid to enjoy right at home, as you nostalgically reminisce of what it feels like to attend an in person party. Prost!

What's on the menu?


Pre-orders: Tuesday, October 5th
Pick-up/Delivery: Friday, October 8th

Bring home the flavours of Spain with our Tapas Night Dinner Set. From croquetas, to empanadas to churros these traditional dishes will delight all your senses, transporting you straight to the sunny streets of the Iberian peninsula.

Take me to Spain!


Pre-orders: Tuesday, September 28th
Pick-up/Delivery: Friday, October 1st

Imagine walking down the streets of Tokyo on a cool spring night, you’re hungry and you stop by a shokudō, a typical local restaurant serving up hot and comforting meals to workers and travelers alike after a long day. What do you get? Let us answer this question with our bespoken menu!

Show me the menu!


Pre-orders: Sunday, September 19th
Pick-up/Delivery: Saturday, September 25th

Here’s a perfect match to your AFL Grand Final viewing this Saturday – a feast fit for the biggest Footy fans!

Filled with sandwiches, corn dogs, party pies, pasties and rolls, that’s you sorted for food and all you have to worry about is making sure you don’t miss a second of what could be a most intense game.

What's in the Feast?


Pre-orders: Sunday, September 19th
Pick-up/Delivery: Thursday, September 23rd

A trip to the big city is not complete without indulging in its diverse offering of food and if there’s one place in the world we’d love to be at the moment, it would be the Big Apple of course!

Walking along the streets of Manhattan, you will be met with a huge smorgasbord of inviting smells that may prove to be too tempting to ignore. On this week’s Dinner Journey, you’ll be treated to a starter pack of sorts, making you feel as if you’re actually dining in New York City.

Think Corn Dogs, Cobb Salad, Pizza and a dessert combining the best of both worlds: Banana Split Cheesecake!

Preview the Menu!


Pre-orders: Tuesday, September 14th
Pick-up/Delivery: Friday, September 17th

Featuring some of the best products the Mediterranenan has to offer, the Greek cuisine is steeped in history with influences from their own ancient tradition, mixed with those of Turks, Persians, and Italians.

The expert use of the bountiful produce available to them such as olives, citrus, oregano, and tomatoes gave origin to distinctive flavours and dishes typical of this country now celebrated all over the world.

We paid homage to it with a Mezze Platter, Lamb Gyros, Greek Salad and Galaktobourkeo.

Check out the menu!


Pre-orders: Tuesday, September 7th
Pick-up/Delivery: Friday, September 10th

This week we’re making a trip to the south of the US, where Soul Food has become a staple through the decades, thanks to its comforting, flavourful, and ‘home cooked’ charm.

Indulge in the most scrumptious mac & cheese, fried chicken, coleslaw and a key lime pie so good, it will make you wonder if you’re still in Melbourne.

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  • Olga says:

    Thank you for being extra helpful with me today. I was overwhelmed by my new surroundings this morning as it was my first time visiting The hatter and the hare. Very impressed with the staff and their service. Thank you very much and can’t wait to dine in soon

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